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Hopes & Dream (aka Strategic Plan)

Currently, A Piece of the Puzzle is a single homeschool family living in a small town on a largish lot. We are in the process of making a room of the house into a studio/classroom/project space.

Plans are underway for a move to a rural location within a comfortable drive (30-45 min) of a bigger city. We are looking for 5 or so acres of heavily wooded land to relocate both our home and our programming space (which will get its own outbuilding!)

As we grow, we will offer a variety of programs and classes to different groups like homeschoolers, scouts, church groups, and more. There will be one time events and sessions of programming lasting multiple weeks. Opportunities will include science, art, crafts, nature exploration, badge work for scouts, & literature. A comprehensive list of possibilities, based on the education, experiences, and training of the directors, is being developed.

Longer term, A Piece of the Puzzle will be

-further developing interdisciplinary multi age curriculum on a variety of topics

-creating plans for an educational community food garden

-encouraging entrepreneurial skills by finding or creating opportunities for children and other participants to skills homemade goods, crafts, produce, etc.

-investigating the possibility of establishing a Library of Things

– participating in and providing opportunities & connections for learning about social justice and developing a directory of actionable ideas